Heart-warming nostalgic photos reveal how travellers from yesteryear celebrated Christmas

  •  Scenes of the season’s getaway by plane, train and cruise have been captured in a vintage collection
  •  Images from the 1920s to the 1950s show holidaymakers at railway stations heading to the continent
  •  The glamour of yesteryear is captured on board Cunard cruises and at the Savoy Christmas parties

A collection of fascinating vintage pictures reveal that Christmas has long been celebrated in style by travellers.

Heart-warming scenes of the season’s getaway by plane, train and cruise ship have been captured in the collection, which dates from the 1920s through to the 1950s.

Cheerful holidaymakers draped in furs and clutching skis are pictured at Victoria Station in London, heading to the continent for the season. Steam trains deliver the Christmas post to Paddington Station in 1922 and undelivered parcels spill on to the platform in a shot from New Year’s Day in 1934.

Keeping the magic alive for children of the 1930s, a Father Christmas is snapped after a flight in a bi-plane over rural England while another Santa distributes toys to children in an aeroplane cabin above Chicago.

Despite the conflicts of the past, military men are pictured embracing the generosity and goodwill of the season. The American army staying at the Palace Hotel in London in 1918 carry a Christmas tree and the RAF British Coastal Command Sunderland share a cake before an operational flight in 1940.

Exuding silver screen glamour, a celeb-filled party at the Savoy hotel in London was a highlight of the season during the 1950s. And lucky travellers are captured marking the festivities at sea on an opulent Cunard cruise during the same golden age era. 

 Keeping the spirit alive: Children welcome Father Christmas as he leaves his plane in rural England in the early 1930s 

Father Christmas leaving a London airport in a biplane for his Christmas tour in 1927 around the United Kingdom 

The last batch of British troops to leave the Rhine, the Royal Fusiliers arrive at Victoria Station from Dover, in time to spend their Christmas at home in December 1929 

Railway chefs displaying their Christmas puddings out of the carriage windows of an LMS train at Euston Station in 1935

A Paddington Railway Station platform jammed With Christmas parcels in 1934

Two page boys carrying the parcels of a Christmas shopper at Liverpool Street Station, London, in 1933 and young travellers at London’s Waterloo Station in December 1928, leaving for Christmas in the country

Chef Pedro Carol is seen off from Liverpool Street Station, London, by Station Master H.B Onyon and Father Christmas in the early 1930s 

Christmas decorations at London’s Paddington Station featuring a well-placed advertisement for Schweppes in 1935 

Christmas post arrives at Paddington station in London, in December 1922

A winter sports girl armed with skis and clad in fur leaves Victoria Station, London, for a Christmas holiday on the continent 

Staff at Euston Station, London, put up Christmas decorations in the main booking hall in 1949 

A London, Midland & Scottish Railway poster advertising trips to holiday destinations over the Christmas period

Father Christmas arriving at Euston Station, London, laden with gifts in 1939 (left) and a little girl sits on top of luggage at King’s Cross in London in 1933

Young people heading off on a ski trip wait to go up to their compartment in a train in Lyons, France, on December 24, 1955

The hall of Hamburg Central Station is pictured with Christmas decorations in Germany on December 23, 1959 

Glamorous guests in formal wear on a Cunard luxury cruise admire the Christmas Day buffet feast 

Adult passengers on a Cunard luxury cruise enjoy cocktails and canapes on Christmas Eve 

Having fun on the high seas: Stylish holidaymakers enjoy the season on a Cunard cruise during the golden era of travel

Cruise guests enjoy some after-dinner games on Christmas Day once the buffet meal has finished (left) and a female passenger struck down with illness on the the cruise is still treated to a spectacular breakfast in the sanatorium on Christmas day (right)

Father Christmas distributes presents to children who are sleeping in an aeroplane cabin above Chicago 

Christmas trees being delivered for members of the American army staying at the Palace Hotel in London in 1918 

Children from a foundling home dancing as guests of American officers at the Palace Hotel on Christmas Eve in 1918

Bernard Bresslaw, disguised as Father Christmas, carries the actress Shane Cordell at a Christmas party at the Savoy in 1958 (left). British actors Richard Todd and Janette Scott (dressed as the fairy) on the Christmas tree at the Savoy Hotel in 1951 (right)

British singer and actress Petula Clark (centre) enjoying the band at the Christmas Party at the Savoy Hotel in 1951

Children at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington reverse tradition by offering gifts to Father Christmas in 1967 

Courtesy: Daily Mail Online

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