King Kong movie director live tweets in-flight spat with ‘Alt Right’ passenger

  • Jordan Vogt-Roberts sat next to man reading Alt-Right Facebook stories 
  • The movie director said ‘racist’ man was a metaphor for Trump’s America
  • At end of the journey the neighbor called him ‘a liberal a** mother f*****’

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is an American movie director 

King Kong director Jordan Vogt-Roberts went ape this week on a plane – and live-tweeted the whole episode.

Vogt-Roberts took to Twitter in anger when he found himself sitting next to a man he claimed was reading online stories associated with far-right group Alt-Right.

The tweets described his initial disgust then went on to outline how the man allegedly broke his charger, dropped a glass of wine on his foot then called him a ”liberal a** mother f*****’.

While he has since deleted many of the tweets, a selection remain where Vogt-Roberts cautions against the ‘self-made echo chamber’ that social media has become where our own views are simply repeated back at us. 

The vast majority of the messages were erased but several news sites caught wind before they disappeared.

According to his tweets, the director first started to pay attention to his neighbour when he noticed ‘his heavily Alt-Right dominated Facebook feed’.

Describing the man’s actions, Vogt-Roberts said: ‘To a “Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group” post, he commented “they don’t provide anything, in fact we need to start TAKING something”.

‘He [gave] a big LIKE to an article about how old school biker gangs are going to stop young p**** liberals from protesting for good.

‘Now he’s liking every link regarding Trump’s cabinet appointments. 

‘It’s amazing. His feed is endless. It really makes you realize how Facebook and social media failed us. It’s the exact opposite of real news.

Vogt-Roberts said his neighbor’s behavior was ‘a metaphor for Trump’s America’

‘Let us not forget the self-made echo chamber we use to curate our own reality. Racism is real, and in this case it wears a s***** sweater.’ 

Once the plane meals had been handed out, Vogt-Roberts then turned his attention to his neighbour’s drinking, which he claimed had been alternating between red wine and whiskey, before the man allegedly dropped a glass on his foot. 

He tweeted: ‘So, I’m standing in the aisle. He’s sitting there not giving a f*** while the flight attendant literally cut herself picking up the glass.

‘While one flight attendant is on her knees cleaning it, the other just handed him a new glass of wine which he is smugly drinking. 

‘This is a metaphor for Trump’s America I swear to god.’ 

The situation escalates when the man allegedly breaks Vogt-Roberts’s phone charger in half while getting up to go to the toilet.

American movie director Jordan Vogt-Roberts live-tweeted a recent plane journey where he found himself sitting next to ‘a racist’ 

The director claims he tried to explain to the man that his charger is broken but says he got no real remorse from him. 

He adds: ‘I’m going to take his cord. I’ve decided.This is the only way we can rectify these inequities.’

According to the Twitter feed, the man is less than impressed with the decision: ‘He’s getting in my face and I calmly welcome him to buy me a new cord as he plain as day broke mine. 

‘So real loud the next thing he says is, “You’re a liberal a** mother f*****, aren’t ya?”… Says I look like I want handouts and purposely bags his bag on me.’

He finished: ‘We have no ability or desire to hear each other anymore. Much like the 1970’s and many times before it – we’re fighting for what seems obvious. 

‘Let people live their lives as long as they’re not inflicting harm upon others. Give everyone the same rights. This is basic human s***… 

‘And that might conclude this Twitter saga. Be kind. Take responsibility. The world is changing. The patriarchy is dead. The cord is mine. ‘


Courtesy: Daily Mail Online

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