Qantas captain proposes to his girlfriend very publicly over the PA system

  •  Qantas captain proposes to his girlfriend mid-flight Los Angeles bound
  •  Captain Dooley Ellis popped the question over aeroplane’s the PA system 
  •  His girlfriend Ana is so surprised she forgets to answer the big question
  • The proposal comes five years after the couple met trekking through Spain

A Qantas pilot has wowed a Los Angeles bound flight by proposing to his girlfriend very publicly over the PA system.

Captain Dooley Ellis and his girlfriend Ana were flying from Melbourne to Los Angeles on Saturday when Dooley took to the public announcement system to pop the big question.

Following the standard flight announcement, Dooley tells the flight there is a ‘very special passenger’ aboard the plane, before launching into the proposal. 

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Ana (left) was so surprised by the proposal she momentarily forgets to say ‘yes’

‘We also have a very special passenger on board today folks, her name is Ana,’ he said.

‘She’s travelling back to South America now to see her family, and I want to make sure she comes back to me in Australia.’

After his short introduction, Dooley doesn’t waste any more time before taking the plunge.

‘So now that I have her complete attention, Ana, will you marry me?’ he said.

Dooley Ellis (pictured) said he prepared for months and was surprised he managed to keep the proposal a secret 

Dooley Ellis (pictured) makes the very public announcement mid-flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles

Straight after popping the question, Dooley emerges from the flight deck carrying a bunch of flowers and a jewellery box.

He then bends down on one knee in front of his very emotional girlfriend.

Visibly surprised and shaken by what has just unfolded, Ana leans in to kiss Dooley but is reminded that she hasn’t yet answered the question.

Ana (pictured was en route to see her family in Colombia for two months, but stopped for a celebratory dinner with her soon-to-be husband 

Ana (pictured) was taken by surprise when Dooley popped the big question over the PA system

Pausing for a split second to say ‘yes yes’, the couple embrace each other as they celebrate the special occasion.

Flying from Melbourne to Los Angeles, it wasn’t the first time the couple travelled far distances together.

The happy couple met on the first day of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain in 2012.

The happy couple of about five years embrace after she says ‘yes’ to his proposal 

‘We walked together, over 1000kms,’ Dooley said.

‘The next thing I know I was in Colombia visiting her.’

Soon enough Ana was living with Dooley in Australia, continuing their expeditions.

‘We travelled Australia camping and only as recently as last month we drove from Sydney to Cape York for six weeks camping with the crocodiles.’

Dooley (right) said it was very special to propose in the aircraft because Qantas was a big part of his life

A Qantas pilot for 30 years, Dooley said the in-flight proposal was a very special moment.

‘I wanted to bring my life – as a pilot of 30 years with Qantas and whose father was also a Qantas Captain – and Ana’s life together in that special moment,’ he said.

‘I wanted everyone not only on board the aircraft, but spanning the world to know how I feel about Ana.’

Dooley (left) said it was the perfect time because he wouldn’t get to see Ana (right) for two months  while she visited family in Colombia 

And with Ana leaving his side to visit family in Colombia for two months, Dooley said there was no better time.

‘I will be a sad bachelor for the next two months. A prospect I’m not looking forward to,’ he said.

‘There were a few things that made it important on this particular flight … but the most important reason is that it was time for both of us.’

Dooley (right) said it was difficult keeping the proposal a secret because he rarely kept secrets from Ana (left) 

Dooley said the proposal went off exactly as planned, but he admitted it was difficult to keep it a surprise from his lovely bride-to-be.

‘I cannot keep a secret,’ he said.

‘I have only ever kept one secret from Ana before and it was when I returned from Colombia and made a photo PowerPoint presentation of our travels.

‘I am amazed I did it.’   

Courtesy: Daily Mail Online

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